EPA LT2 Cryptosporidium & Giardia 10 liter Bulk Water Collection


10-L   Bulk Water Collection

Thoroughly clean* all reused collection equipment and containers (new hoses, cubitainers, etc. should not need cleaning), and wear gloves whenever needed to prevent sample contamination throughout the collection procedure. Prior to sample collection, thoroughly flush stagnant water and debris in the sample line until the temperature and turbidity stabilize (approx. 2-3 mins).

Complete the sample collection form including utility and sample ID information, date, time, turbidity, pH, and temperature.
  1. Fill the 10-L cubitainer from a pressurized sample tap or manually collect sample using hose, pump, funnel, etc. from the location described to the State.
  1. Once the sample is collected, immediately place the cap on the cubitainer and tighten
  2. Chill the sample as soon as possible to between 1° and 10°C before shipment