U.S. – launches satellite survey to measure extent of California’s San Joaquin Valley sinking

Scientists suspect that parts of the San Joaquin Valley have started to sink again after years of stability, a troubling development that geologists say can be traced to increased pumping of groundwater. …. latimes.com

General Microbiology Services

EAL is approved for protozoan and virus testing through NELAP and holds approval for Methods 1622/1623 for Giardia and Cryptosporidium for the LT2 through EPA.    We can assist with microbial services including:

   1. Analyses for Giardia and Cryptosporidium with water and wastewater
   2. Analyses for total culturable viruses
   3. Microscopic Particulate Analysis (MPA) for ground water and filtration evaluation
   4. On-Site pilot plant studies and sampling services
   5. Many more specialty microbiology analysis and consultation

Drinking Water Analysis

  •     Cryptosporidium, EPA 1623                          
  •     Enteric viruses, EPA/600/R-95/178, s. VIII
  •     Giardia, EPA 1623
  •     Coliform, Total / E. coli (Qualitative) Colilert
  •     E. coli (Enumeration) Colilert
  •     Standard Plate Count SM 18-21 9215B
  •     Microscopic particulate analysis EPA 910/9-92-029