Seriously, how to boil water for a “boil water advisory?” (BWA)

Current advice from the United States Centers for Disease Control (CDC) states the following for proper boiling of water for safety, speed and efficiency.


   1. For personal use, create a supply of water for cooking, drinking, and tooth brushing by bringing water to a rolling boil for 1 minute. Timing starts when the water starts to bubble. Cool the water then place in clean containers for use or refrigerate.


   2. Hot (not boiled) soapy water can be used for dishwashing and kitchen/bathroom surface cleaning. As a precaution, add one tablespoon of bleach per gallon. Laundry water does not need to be treated. Unless specifically listed, water for showering does not need to be treated.


Non-Potable & Reuse Water Microbiology

  •    Cryptosporidium EPA 1623
  •    Giardia EPA 1623
  •    Helminth ova EPA 600/1-87-014
  •    Coliform, Fecal SM 18-20 9222D (97)
  •    Coliform, Total SM 18-20 9222B (97)
  •    E. coli (Enumeration) Colilert
  •    Enterococci Enterolert
  •    Standard Plate Count SM 18-21 9215B

How do I find an approved laboratory?




Environmental Associates Ltd. is EPA approved for the LT2.  With more than 22 years experience in protozoan analyses Environmental Associates Ltd. can offer the highest quality work for the LT2. and a unique LT2 data package designed to eliminate false positives as far as scientifically possible.  Please contact the laboratory for more details at (607) 272-8902.

What can I do to prepare my utility for the LT2 in the most cost effective manner?




Become informed about the rule and about EPA Methods 1622/1623. Review historical data. Discuss the rule with your consulting engineer.  Secure the services of Environmental Associates Ltd.  Phone 607-272-8902








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